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New Year’s Has Nothing on September!

I never did understand why New Year’s got all the glory when it comes to starting over.  What is more refreshing than the first day of school?


Think of all the new things that happen this time of year…a new teacher, new clothes, maybe even a new back pack.  Or if you have a kindergartner, than everything is new  (which, in that case the tissues are over there and come back after you’ve had a good cry).

I find myself starting over too when September comes.  I re-arranged the kitchen table to make it easier to have more family meals.  The house is a little more organized to make room for the influx of important papers and art projects that come with starting school.

I love the sense of promise that is in the air.  Maybe you didn’t have such a great report card last year.  That’s okay, you can try again this year.  Didn’t make as many friends as you wanted to?  There will be new faces to meet.  Plus you get to take the lessons you learned last year with you this year.  The ultimate do-over.

We need to allow ourselves more do-overs, don’t ya think?  We teach our children it is okay to make mistakes as long as they learn from them but how many times do I silently criticize myself for making mistakes?  Well, I am hereby declaring it okay to make mistakes.  Because as long as we grow and change from them, then they aren’t really mistakes, are they?  They become a lesson, which was probably the point all along…

Happy First Day of School!  Cue the ball drop…

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